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Patience pays off when topwater fishing

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Went out yesterday and whacked a bunch of smaller fish on Ultralight tackle. Water calmed down and things started happening on the surface.

Noticed by a bunch of rocks,there was some commotion so I took my tiny Hula Popper and cast right at it. Bingo,Perfect cast.

Then there was a swirl at my bait,and another,and another. This fish mustve swirled at my bait at least 6 times prior to taking it. It wasnt a huge splash either,just a gentle suck and my line started running.Wasnt a huge fish either,but to watch it all play out was a blast.



I also caught one MEAN looking Large Hybrid Sunfish(a mix between a Bluegill and a Green Sunfish) I mustve caught him in the nesting process. When I was trying to unhook him,he shot "man juice" all over my gear!! He absolutely hammered my Hula Popper!!


Fished a spot where it was very snaggy and I popped my bait along and said "ah,theres nothing here" Staryed the regular retrieve to the boat and right at the boat,"something" attacked the bait. Boy was that a wakeup call. Wasnt expecting it at all. Im gonna be alike all the other  liars and say that fish mustve been 15 lbs,even though all I saw was a huge splash!!.

Im betting the fish was actually only 2-3 pounds and just abnormally aggressive.

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    "Man Juice"


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