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My first real powerfishing experience

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With the title of this topic, don't think that I've never been on powerfishing. This was the first time I could do it, by myself, with the right mentality.

Let me just start off by saying this. I am a VERY good caster. I have AT LEAST 50+ hours of practicing in the backyard under my belt. I can get a jig in a cup from 30 yards away. One of my favorite ways of fishing is spinnerbaiting. That being said, I also love powerfishing..........with spinnerbaits. Suprise! So, the other day I go with my friend up to his fishing club for a cookout, sleepover, and a morning of fishing. Well, as it turns out, we got there early and could go out and fish for a while. Now, my friend isn't the greatest of fisherman, and, he can be downright annoying about it. He's the kind of person that just goes out and casts a worm out (ALWAYS red shad), and sits back and enjoys the evening. Nothing wrong with that, just not my style. He's also the kind that thinks it's bulls**t that the fish would EVER be suspending in a creek cahnnel. That would NEVER happen now would it? :) If he doesn't catch anything, the fish just weren't biting. If he loses one lure, the day is ruined. Ya da ya da ya da. I could go on and on. Anyway, we get up to the club and go out on one of his dad's friend's boats. It's this tricked out 14' jon boat. Front deck, back deack, depth finder, you get it. Oh, and by the way, really nice trolling motor. So, of course, Hunter, my friend, gets on the trolling motor first. I immediately start catching fish. Then Hunter has to go to the bathroom RELLY bad, and of course we're on the north side of a 93 acre pond, not gas motors allowed. Ten minutes later, he has to go AGAIN. Another trip from the top end of the pond. This time he tells me he's not coming back. (Silent sigh of relief) Don't get me wrong, I love this kid. He's a great guy, he just thinks I "don't fish the right way". So, I'm all by myself. I get on the trolling motor, and think to myself, "well, why not powerfish for a while"........even though I knew the fish weren't on the banks, it was still a blast :) Caught three pickeral, including one giant. I love powerfishing with spinnerbaits, and that was one awesome experience. Now, if i could just get my dad to buy a boat.........

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A couple things Fat-G. First I'm glad you had a good time! Second there is also nothing wrong with fishing a worm or a jig for that matter in fact you can power fish with both. I sure hope as a guest of a friend you didn't cast over him or otherwise ruin his day. Also powerfishing isn't just "fishing fast". It's about locating a pattern eliminating water and only focusing on productive water. That may be the first pole on docks next to deeper watter or it could be a rock bank that has patches of grass here and there. So you then only focus on the grass spot after catching a couple fish off them. Anyway if you don't have a boat I'd talk to your friend find out what you did that he didn't like and try to work it out. It sounds like he has some boats available and possibly some good water as well.

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