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Skunked....but I Dont Care

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I went out to Lake Glenview today. I fished from 2:00-4:30. The wind was blowing at hurricane force. I still went fishing. did not have a spinner bait, but I used my buzz bait as a spinner bait. I ripped it through lily pads and grass, no bites. Nearly got blown off the bank. Nice balance practice for me.

I then moved on to a senko and a zoom magnum worm in lily pads. No bites. The guy next to me did land a 1.5 pound bass. The SOB threw it right into his cooler. What a jerk.

I then move down to shallower areas and fished another worm. No luck but I did improve my worm techniques. Some guy had a fish on. It looked like a giant 5 pound bass. He lost it. I saw him barely set the hook and rather stood admiring it. (All of these guys were using live bait.)

Walked further down the lake and saw a couple of kids with their dads fishing. They were using live bait.  I was pleased to see fathers and sons bonding through fishing. Alot of the kids caught gills.

I then came across a grass mat. Showed off to the other anglers my skipping technique (love skipping!!!). No takers, but what a beautiful day. Upper 70's. We've had 90 weather this entire week. What a nice weather vacation!

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