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Enrolled in Dink School

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Saturday I took the float tube down to the neighborhood 14 acre lake and finned off the bank right at sun up.  I brought only the spinning rod as I knew exactly what I was looking for.  Schools of dinks churning the surface.  I had tied on a green/gold lipless crank that could run pretty close to the surface.  I have seen and caught them before and they usually really get going about an hour after it gets light.

Saturday, they were really on.  I was literally getting wet from being splashed by the aggressive bass chasing minnows.  I could see individual bass after individual minnows.  I was that close.  

It was my assumption that these fish would all be about the same size, around .75 to 1.5 pounders and that was mostly true.  However, I got one that felt like a 3 pound fish.  I am not sure he was in the dink classroom though as it was a late bite a few seconds after the surface action.  He may have been a cruiser attracted to the action of his smaller buddies.

All in all, I unhooked and released over 20, including two "stripers" between 5:30 and 9:30.  After the surface action slowed, I started kicking back to the car but switch to a topwater popper just to cast as I went along.  Bang!  Nice big dink to end the fishing day.  A thirty second drive to the house, a cool one and a nap in the AC with dreams of dinks dancing in my head.  Real fun day.

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I guess no one wants to respond to catching "dinks".  Guess it was in the marketing approach.  Anyhow, sounded like fun to me.  Although I do enjoy catching big fish, those are few and far between so I'll catch dinks anyday (so long as there's the hope for a few bigger ones in the mix).

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Well I enjoy catching any fish and it sounds like you had a blast doing just that...big and small and variety too

Big O


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