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Its been very very slow here with all the rain.

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I just got back to fishing again. I purchased some money minnows from BPS. I went out and had 10 strikes right away and more as the time went on. I had 4 of them hooked up for a while but lost them. I was just sleeping at the controls at 6am. I never expected this action anywhere i threw the money minnow i got hits.  I'm switching my med/hvy action rod to a more heavy action stiffer rod.  I'm taking too much time to set the hook with the lighter action rod.

At first i would just move it fast enough to make the tail swim. Then i was rippin it faster and the fish became more aggressive. I had one tangle line on my reel so i dropped the money minnow in the water and a pickerel hit it while it wasn't even moving. All i can say is this bait is pretty hot.

If you remember me from the past here i fish the same smaller places everyday.  I like testing new baits and different presentations.

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ya don't need a heavy action rod to fish a hollow-boddied swimbat. MH is PERFECT. The fish are keyed in on the vibration that the tail is making. Therfor, the fish will strike the tail first, then engulf the whole bait. So, when you first feel the bite, wait just a second(till the fish has the whole bait), and then set the hook.

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