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How Do Chaging Weather Patterns Affect Fishing?

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I am just looking for some basic answers as a general guideline about how changing weather patterns affect the location and mood of the fish. More specificly for example:

- how a change in wind direction and speed affects them

- cloud cover vs sunny

- changes in barameter

- pre/post storm/cold/warm fronts

I'm looking for tips on how to recognize these changes and how I should react to each for making decisions as to where I think the fish will be. Thanks


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Well basically what you want to do if I were you is take one season at a time, the sun has its pahases as the earth tilts yearly and the moon has its phases weekly. During spring most fish (basically bass) and into the early months of summer, will spawn due to the suns postion...moon phase is when the moon rotates the earth, your looking for a full moon period for some really good bass fishing...it has something to do with the balance of there brain and changes to the surrounding area they will move to. The beginning of the warm days I would look for fish in about 1ft-12ft of water...this is where they look for easy food, and the warmest water in the lake.As summer approaches fish more aggressively meaning take it a step up fish faster but at the same time experiment your speeds. Cloudy days there could be wind and then again it might not be, usually I fish baits that the fish can see reds,gold,orange...etc thats really in my opinon they make all those colors is to fit the situation. Also I would use jerkbaits soft or hard depending on depth. I have had a lot of sucess fishing a carolina-rig with a centipede worm soom makes and othe brands...use a color thats not to dark but not to bright...ex>watermelon color is a pretty good color for many plastic baits. Usually in the hot summer months the bass will def move to deeper structure and when you have cloudy days they make there way lookin for baitfish or other easy food. Before a cold front a lot of fish will eat.eat.eat. But as soon as the cold front hits the fish will fall back into there seasonl patterns depending on how cold it is will affect the depth they will hold in. Warm fronts the fish will become more aggresive. Good luck

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