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How What and where?

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Ok this is a request for information on a local pond that I have quick and easy bank access to. Let me start out by describing it.

On the north side its a rip rap. On the west its a grassy bank to the water line and then its just shallow mud for about 5 to 6 feet out. On the south side there is some lily pads, very very shallow water and some reeds in one corner. On the east side is all mud/clay and shallow out to about 5 to 6 feet. There really isn't any structure, coves, points or cover to speak of. The lily's aren't up yet and the reeds are nearly on the bank. So here's the question's how would you and what would you fish this pond?? Note: there is somewhat heavy pressure. This pond has bass, crappie, shad, catfish and carp in it. I'm targeting Bass of course!

I have caught a 4lber and a 5 lber out of this pond. Rumor has it there are bigger ones.

My guess the water temp is about 48ish to 52ish.

Thanks for any tips and or suggestions!!

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slow roll a spinnerbait along the riprap... is there a creek that runs throught the middle of the pond?  if so, try fishing that if you can with a spinnerbait or a texas rig... since the water is that cold, all you want is something like a 4 inch yum dinger or a zoom centipede, french fry, double ringer, finnesse worm, basically anything short without the curly tails.  also try fishing the grassy area with a texas rig or a spinnerbait.  those two baits are going to be your main bass producers... pond or lake

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I'd try the riprap. Being on the north side, it gets the direct rays of the sun and rocks hold heat.

Good luck.

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