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The worst luck with cold water fishing.

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It never fails, I've been shut out too many times fishing in February. I will often throw everything in my tackle box out in the lake, and still not come up with a thing.

I need some advise from as many people on their secrets with how to catch fish in cold temperaturs on cloudy, windy days.


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First read some articles on late winter fishing and prespawn and how the bass move into their pattern formations then ask that question if you are still lost..

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Guest the_mud_man

I came across this by trial and error and it works when the water  gets overs 50" .I use spinning gear so  heres how I do this. I use 6# test line I put a barrel swivel at the end and then 8" of leader same test I put a small drop shot/octupus hook at the end of all that then I hook through the head only a small green sluggo,small drop shot worm or my favorite a Manns Finese Dragin worm,dont matter what color so long as it's got mostly green to it.

 This finesse rig happened by accident and really work well fished slowly in cold water particularly by big rocks and boulders in less than 10 feet of water. Hope this works for you let me know it's worked pretty good for me for the last 3 springs

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