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using swivel to keep plastics from slipping down?

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I was flipping channels last night and caught a fishing show, don't even know which one, and the guy was giving a tip about using swivels to keep the plastic bait from slipping down in heavy cover.  He put on the bullet weight and then slipped on a barrel swivel before tying the hook on.  Then when he rigged the texas rig, he did something with the swivel after running the hook through the head of the worm before  running it into the body of the worm.  But I couldn't see what he was doing and can't get it pictured in my mind.

Have you heard of this or did someone watch the show?  If so, can you give a clearer explanation of what he was doing?  Thanks


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The only thing that I can think of is if he ran the hook through the bottom eye of the swivel so that the swivel would act as a stop for the bait.

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I have seen that show twice. I know he put the swivel on after the weight leaving one end of the swivel free. Then tie on the hook, put the head of the worm on then take the swivel loop that is free and take it and put it on the hook end bringing the swivel up to the head of the worm. The swivel ends up right under the head of the worm keeping it in place. If I remember correctly this was intended for heavy cover. Hope this helps.


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