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Beat, well kinda!

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I went fishing this morning for a few hours before work. I had Nightcrawlers, a UL pole and L rod. I couldn't find any fish in the spot I was fishing, so I moved across to one of my good spots 8). On the first cast I hauled in a big brim, the next cast a big Black Crappie, the next cast a turtle the size of a hubcap(which I really enjoyed since I want to be a herpetologist). So I caught two fish and a turtle.

I took my sister to the pond after work for a few more hours of fishing and I caught two more brim!

I was having a really great day, until my sister finally got a bite. She reeled in a 2 pound bass on a worm and a TINY little hook! I couldn't believe it! I guess some people got better luck than others, even if they are your little sister.

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If your turtle was the size of a hubcap, can I assume it was a snapper? How'd you land and unhook it?

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an old fella I know says this, "it aint about luck, its just the spot you happen to be in at the time a fish strolls by"

he follows this up with a story with him/his sister/his dad. him and his dad fish all day and don't catch much. his sister has a stick with a piece of string attached to it. she catches a huge pickeral and the biggest fish of the day.


the trick is, findin where the fish stroll by

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