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5 pods of Baitfish, no luck

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well, let me give you the good news.  I caught a 9.5lb catfish on a spinnerbait.  he was huge, and a great catch!

what confused me...  I saw 5 or more pods of baitfish being chased.  I tossed everything I had into the middle, or near, the pod and no strikes.  I even tried a clear senko w/ gold/silver flakes rigged wacky style.  still nothing.  I let it drop.  I twitched it fast, I twitched it slow.

I thought I should have caught something!

What was wrong?  I even through a green blue fox crankbait and didn't even snag a baitfish, lol

it was flustrating.   I tried a white fluke/chart tail, and still nothing.

any ideas on how to go about this next time?

thanks!   ;D

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rattle traps and also topwater baits such as a spook and a popper.

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If they are really busting the top then I use a spitting image topwater bait. I also like to target the shad and use a drop bait like a fluke or tube or worm. In this situation I let it fall to the bottom and work them on the bottom like a injured shad. Sometimes I use a spinnerbait and count it down so that its under the school and work that zone also.

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