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pics for abelfisher

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Low budget,

nice pics.  My comments were due to your somewhat arrogant comments about, "unless you have pictures to back up your mouth, don't speak!"

There are many people who have been on this site a heck of a lot longer than you.  I think for your comments to be stated here the way you stated was a little strong.  Everyone here has talked about their catches and mostly without pictures.  Lighten up! :-* ;D

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 I totally hear where your coming from and looking back, I see how it sounds arrogant.  NOT the intent however.  I just get so sick of hearing about the "8 lbrs" that someone constantly catches when there are no pics.  Like, I'm  smart enough to catch yet uncapable of either remembering to bring,or how to operate a camera.

Anyway, just saying, pictures make believers.  

 I am not one of those jerks, I promise.  The amount of knowledge and experiences that are shared here is awesome.  Glad I found this site and I apologioze for my brashness.  

Catch ' em up

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No Problem!  Welcome aboard!  Those are great pictures!  Yeah, this is an awesome site.  A lot of useful information.  I know this site has helped me.

Low Budget Hookers?  Is that a name of a club?

Catch em up!  ;D

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