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Having a pretty good season so far

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Hey Everyone,

I have been learning a lot here. I just wanted to throw in a quick thank you.

 I have been having a pretty good summer, not a lot of fish but some pretty decent sized fish. I'll have some pictures at the end of the season. Caught a 3 or 4 pounder in a small pond with a lot of pressure on it. I caught it after about half an hour of fishing, right in front of a few others, who were probably there a long time, which caused them to get frustrated, and leave. That was kind of funny. I have seen a lot of deer, a few foxes, lots of other small animals. The best thing though, is that there is now a pair of Bald Eagles residing in my reservoir. This was my extended back yard when I was a kid. I grew up there. I know it well, and I never thought I would see a pair of Bald Eagles living in my back yard. I have seen the male every time I have been out there. I got a couple of distant pictures on my disposable fish camera. I am going to bring a digital with me next time I get out there.

Really makes me glad I got back into fishing after all these years. Truly amazing.

Take care, thanks again and catch

Many Big Fish!

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Yep, wildlife sightings are definitely an added bonus. I used to be an active birder and an active wildlife photographer and I'm always on the lookout for anything that moves.

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