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Hope all our southerners here are staying safe down there.  Good luck to you and your families this hurricane season.  

Iwas wondering if hurricanes are different from any other storm as far as fishing goes.  I know "Andrew" or one of those , really messed up old Okie a few yrs back.  Now, we all know fishing can be great during a storm but a hurricane?  I know, I know, noone is about to go find out in 80mph winds but maybe just before it hits?  Are the bite swings as strong as the barometer swings?

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I am new to this hurricane stuff and of course the Harris chain I live on is in the center of the state, but I did go out between the storms Saturday and didn't find fishing any easier than before, caught 4 small ones in a couple hours.  I was not here during last summer's ; 'canes, but I live on a canel connecting to lake Harris and there was a big fish kill on this canel.  Of course there was big fish kills all over the state due to the 'canes.  Even though there was a fish kill here I did see some big bass caught in my canel this spring including a 10+ lber.that I did not catch.  I did catch a 6 and 7 though earlier

                              CPR ;D

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