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Burly, big un', big @$$ buzzbaits!!!!

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:o :PSummer is here, buzzbaits are prime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

except i'm not too familiar with these "magical" topwaters.  i'm mainly fishing in a lake where alot of smallmouths roam and few largemouths.  OHOw do i fish buzzbaits?! :o

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Throw it so the return will bring it by structure. Start out w/ a steady retrieve as slow as possible (see "tuning" below) and gradually speed up retrieves to establish the speed they want it at. After the steady retrieve is exhausted w/o a bite, try a mixed up retrieve. reel steadily and jerk rod to side every couple feet or so. Exhaust this retrieve also till a pattern is established.


slower retrieve- fold edges of prop in a bit (closing them a bit)

Faster retrieve- open blade edges up a bit

adjust in small increments.

great reference here:


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Another thing that I do quite ofter is fish 2 buzzbait at a time,,actually I just fish 1 at a time but have two tied on.  You can tune your buzzer to run to the left or right, so I tie one on that runs each direction  When fishing the left side of structure(dock, log, etc) use the one that runs to the right and run it into the structire and vise versa.  Hang on just as you hit that structure.  It really works

                                 CPR ;D

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