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Atmospheric pressure:  How do bass react?

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I searched around and didn't find anything about this topic.

NC has a HIGH pressure warning for the state this week.  I'm about to go fishing, but thought I'd ask this for future reference.  

how do the bass react to high and low pressure fronts?

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Atmospheric pressure does have an effect on fish. But only when it is changing. Bass, like any other fish like consistency. The rule of thumb is if you have two days of consistent weather than the fishing is good, three days is better, four days it's great, and so on. But if the weather changes the fishing changes. It puts a shock in their system and the pattern will change. How much can only be determined by going fishing. The whole country has been under two very large High Pressure systems for over two weeks now and that has stayed fairly consistent. Therefore if you are only going with the pressure change as a factor then the fishing should be great. But if anything else has changed in the weather it could throw the whole thing off.

But fishing is fishing and their are so many variables that can effect a fishes behavior. So just go out and get you line wet.

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ends up bein the fishin was great.  many pods of baitfish bein chased by bass.  some nice ones too.  just need a boat to get to 'em when they aren't near the bank...

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The Virginia Game and Fish magazine had a super article on barometric pressure earlier this year.

Contact PRIMEDIA in Marietta, Georgia, and request a back copy.


Suite 110

2250 Newmarket Parkway

Marietta,Georgia 30067

The article is outstanding and worth your time and effort to obtain it.

I think I stored the magazine in my attic and it is just too hot to go and find it.

You may find out about the article on the internet by going to Virginia Game & Fish Magazine at www.virginiagameandfish.com

Good luck.

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