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DD22 improvement

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If you like to tinker with baits, drill a small hole in the belly of a DD22 just large enough to put in some #4 birdshot.  Add 12-14 of these and reseal the hole with epoxy.  Now you have a DD with extra sound  to attract more bass and more weight to get that extra 15 feet of distance which is sometimes pretty important.  For even more depth,  you can heat the bill in a pan of boiling water for about 20 seconds and bend the lip a little straighter up, but if you goof it up, you'll have some problems getting the most depth out of it. Also: use a round snap as well as the split ring for added wobble.  Now, for the retrieve that makes many of us wince.  Once you get the new weighted DD down, the extra weight will help the bait suspend better.  You might want to try a sweeping retrieve using the reel to take up the slack line. Rod tip should be about even with your toes in the boat. About 5 cranks on a 6:3 to 1 ratio baitcaster after each pull should be suffiecient take up the slack.  This is much easier on the wrists than the standard steady grind retrieve.  Trick is to take up the slack quickly to have rod in position to set hooks.  This method looks similar to dragging and sweeping a C rig. Many strikes come just as you are beginnng a new sweep so you're kind of setting the hook as you sweep anyway.  Good fishing. ;)

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