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Since I have coming to this site, my fishing production has in increased by over half. Thanks especially for turning me on to senkos and fat ikas.

A funny story happened this past weekend. I had the opportunity to fish a little private pond that was about 3/4 of an acre. The story is that it had been stocked years ago but hadn't been stocked or fished in a least 6 years. As my friend is taking me out there I am telling him of this forum and all the great advice, he refuses my offer to let him try a senko, or a fat ika. I push him a little and he says "they (senkos) sound like one of those as seen on TV scams, and that he has got a tackle box full of worms already".  So, naturally I just drop it.

I use the new pumpkin w/ the chartruse tail senko. The results in 45 minutes of fishing:

ME: 4 Bass (1-2lber, 2-3lbers, 1-5lber) ;D ;D ;D

MY FRIEND: 0 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Later, said freind tells me he might have to come check bassresourc.com out. Me being polite offer to leave a bag of senkos. My friend accepts.

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