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Just rained, when does the bite slow?

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its been raining off and on this morning.  I have some things to get done, but am off work today.  not sure what to expect since it rained.  

since its been off and on, when does the bite start to slow?

most importantly, since its been so hot...  does rain affect bass the same?  are the bass going to slow down or speed up?

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well I can answer my own quesiton to some extent.

went out right after it rained, and some fish were stalking the rip-rap of a drainage pipe. caught 3 and had 2 other bite in 20 mins.

then got kicked out... damnit.

can't fish anywhere unless I rent a boat at a lake that either has very slow fishing, skiiers or wakeboarders, or.... the other is bad too, for some reason. give me time I'll think of somethin. ;)

sigh... I just wana fish a local pond or 2. all you litterbugs sure make me pay. stop polluting! ::)

so I can fish. :D

anyhow, thanks for the therapy session folks. lol

went to another pond and dude fishin there said the bite was on right after it rained, but when I was there it had slowed... to nothin.

so I guess right after it rains, its still good fishin... some time after I reckon it slows.......

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Right after it rains can be EXCELLENT fishing.  My "test pond" has a culvert that runs into it from the golf course water hazard across the street.  Right after a rain, the fish will stack up there to feed on whatever is washing through and can be caught on durn near everything you throw at 'em.

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