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Poor Richard

going barbless

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I've been Barb-less ever since I let her go,  bless her heart.  But seriously:  that was a great return on my question about removing hooks--thanks fellowfishers.  I have been fishing lures with the barbs pressed down almost all the way.  This sure improves thing.  Sure, I occasionally lose a fish that I think might  have stayed with me otherwise, but what the heck--they're going back in the water anyway.  I call that a pre-release release.   Now if I were fishing a tournament, of course....

Anybody else have experience with barbless hooking?


TIp of the day:  I know lots of guys who sit in their easy chairs complaining about catching nothing.  Gee, some things are easy to explain, huh?

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Everytime I bury a hook into myself I think about going barbless >:(, but other than that no. I know guys that fish some special regulation trout areas where barbless is must.

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yea, i have a private pond that i fish and i always use barbless hooks to be nice to the owner for letting me use his pond.i think it's unbelievable how easy hook-ups are without that barb

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