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HOG TANK or HOG TROUGH  what an experience!!

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I worked the Hog Tank at the Novi Outdoorama the 22nd - 26th of Feb.  I was giving 20 minute seminars on basic fishing.  Do you know how hard that was to remember the basics...lol....we all take them for granted, but what an opportunity it was for me to get more experience in speaking and showing off sponsored products.  When I was done with my 20 minute comic relief, I would bring a small child up to catch a bass.  I had some who did a very good job of it too....lol.  Was on Local FOX NEWS twice and a sport news radio once.  The second time I was on the news was just great.  Had the news guy up on the tank with me, then I caught a bass, handed him the rod and reel and let him try to do the samething.  He didn't get a good hookset, so the tube came right back at us.  With me holding his mic, I told him the kids I bring up there do a better job....lol.  People who saw the Saturday morning News came out to try and get their kids up with me...lol.   They also told me that the studio news team made fun of the guy who was with me, by not being able to catch a fish out of a tub...lol.  Was the best experience of my life and I will be doing it again at the Ultimate Sports Show in Lansing, MI from the 9th - 12th of Mar.

Just never knew how tuff it would be to teach the basics...lol


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I saw a guy do one of those once at our county fair. It really wasnt what i was looking for, it was very basic. He showed us his favorite lures and how they work. That was about it. None of the fish hit the lures because they were put into the tank just a day or so ago, and i imagine that they werent very comfortable there yet. Except the bgill. They hit everything. He brought a kid up there and had them toss out a fuzzy grub. Those bass nailed that on the first cast.

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Good for you Squid, I'm totally jealous! :P That sounds like tons of fun.

Don't be jealous, it was an opportunity that I got to take advantage of.  Yes, it was TONS of fun :D

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