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Going fishing today, need your help

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Ok, I need to go fishing today! So I need your help as to lure choices, here is the info:

Temp: 60 F it will climb up to the low 80's

Sky: cloudy wth 30% chance of rain

Wind: 8 MPH from the south

water clarity: about 1 ft or less

Body of water: Small 1.5 acre pond with the deepest part being around 6 to 8 feet located in the NW part of it. The pond has a lot of grass and some small plants on the top.

Observations: I have seen during the late afternoon, maybe around 18:00 some fish come to the surface and eat.

What do you recommend?

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Guest avid

As you were first describing the conditions I was thinking "spinnerbait" but then I got to the part where you said the pond is only an acre and a half.  There is no need for search baits in such a small body of water.  

The good news is that you can fish every inch of the water with a methodical approach.  When I first get to the lake I often throw spinnerbaits or ratltraps because I'm excited and need to make a bunch of casts before I settle down.  You could do the same here to pick off the aggressive fish.

As soon as possible though I would go to the plastic.  jig/pig around riprap, senko in the shallow weeds, t-rigged plastic worm for slightly deeper areas.  

Put on a rogue and test the minnow bite along the edges, and a popper for cuts along the shallow edges every now and then to see if a topwater bite is on.

In a body of water that you described, I would be looking to fish very methodically.  Look for subtle irregularities, and places that are hard to get the bait too.

Little ponds can hold big bass// go get em

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Since you've probably already gotten back I'll say I would've planned on slow rolling a spinnerbait.

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Guest ouachitabassangler

I'd have worked a Scum Frog around the edges on long casts after crawling up to the pond and sitting down, never once standing to be seen. No water temp was listed, which is vital info, but if the fish are already feeding on top a frog will do fine regardless. Stay low, less than 10 degrees off the water horizon, or they will know you are there and lockjaw.


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