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fishing from a dock

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i have been fishing on this one dock on the swift creek resevoir for the past few days. i have caught a total of 4 fish, all about 7 inches long so i didnt keep them. i used a white spinner bait that came from a 15$ shakespeare 5 1/2 foot rod-reel combo that i got from walmart that came with lots of lures and other goodies. how should i be fishing in order to catch bigger fish, or should i try a different spot if im not catching the big ones.

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Guest bassmaster79

You are going to want to move around in order to find the bigger fish.  Try using plastic baits in the 4" to 6" range.  I personaly use jigs and have nailed a few 8 to 9 pounders.  If you just like using spinner baits then by all means use them.  You might want to add a trailer to the end of the spinner to add bulk to its presention.  Good luck

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I agree with bassmaster, move around a bit, and look for good cover (i.e. trees and branches extending into or out of the water as well as any underwater vegitation.  Also, vary your presentation, try some lipped and lippless cranks as well as jigs and soft plastics, depending on your style.  The best advice is to keep trying different things and find out what works best where.

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