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Finding spawning bass

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Today, i went fishing for a little bit in my boat. I didnt catch anything. I just couldnt find any beds or spawning fish. Most of the fish have probably  come up. It was in the 70's today just south of Atlanta. Do you guys have any advice on finding beds??

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Get some good polarized glasses,then you will want to just cruise quietly down the bank,far enough off just to see the edge.It doesnt necessarily have to be a distinct spawning flat but where ever you look has to have decent sun penetration.Look for anything that may look like a hubcap laying on the bottom.This is the bed,the silt has been brushed away by the male to get to a little firmer bottom.Look way ahead of your boat.......if the fish are not locked on the bed,they may move off into deeper water if they see your boat or you make a bunch of noise.Looking way ahead allows you to see a bass moving off the bed if spooked.After you pass by,they will come back and you might never know they were there.

If you spot a fish or two on a bed,approach them like you would be trying to steal a bone from a sleeping pit bull.If you happen to spook them on the approach,leave for about 10 minutes and go back,chances are they will be back by then.If not,move on,come back by later.

Make long pitches/casts to the bed at first,you may be able to move closer after you determine the mood of the particular fish you're on.

Forgot to add,if you're water isnt at least stable in the low 60's yet,there may not be much spawning activity going on.You may be looking too early.

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