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Three days to go

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Man, we are in the final countdown to fishing season and I am really jonesing. April 1st is three days away and it falls on a saturday! Everything I own is ready to go. I've literally run out of things to prep. Ice is out on most lakes which is a good two or three weeks early this year. It's going to be tough early conditions with frigid water temperatures. Many of the bass guys up here don't even get started until sometime in May. I am going to get myself into a Rick Clunn-like zen state of mind and go battle with some monster bronzebacks. You guys have all helped get me through the winter and I thank you for that. Now it's time to go fishing! ;)

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Another Mainer nice. I can't wait the weather has been great  the ice is gone and the Bass are getting hungry I can't wait of course it's supposed to rain on saturday but i guess i'm gettin wet ;D you won't be the only maineiac workin the fresh water come saturday good luck and i'll be waiting for an opening day report. This site I believe will have totally changed my bassin game and can't wait.


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*sigh* our season doesn't start till the first Saturday in May  :'(

I am going to take leave and go to Illinois and fish over the Easter break... WOOO HOOOOO


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