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Tough conditions

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I have one for the brains of this forum.  OK here I go.  

The resivior I fish is down 43 feet.  It was 56 feet down a week and half ago.  So its on the rise up.  The res is dirty right now.  The clarity is 2 feet at the lower end and 6in or less at the upper end.  At the upper end there is more flats to fish and the lower is more steeper banks.  The res is a deep one there are places over 200 ft deep.  I fished there this last weekend I ended up catching 9.5# in 5 fish.  (These are smallies)  The weather is suppose to be bad this week  The rain is and 1in plus for today and tomorrow.  Then no rain and temps in the high 60's the saturday and sunday the temps are suppose to drop to the high 50's.  the water temp is 46 on the lower end on the res and 47 on the upper right now.  The res also will be up another 6 ft by saturday.  I think this is all the info that is needed.  If you need more ask and I can let you know if I know.  

My question is do you think that the fish will be in the same spot this coming weekend or will they have moved?  Will they be on the same patern or a different one?  The reason I ask is I have a tourney this weekend and was kinda wanting help ;D

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I would fish the lower end just because of the fluctuating water and the steeper banks. All the fish would need to do is move up or down without moving far for comfort. The sweet spot should be where the steep banks taper off into the shallower water areas.

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