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Fish won't bite?  Keep digging in your box!!

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Went to my normal hole today along the Susquehanna River (Central PA) looking for those smallmouth bass.

Threw out the Heddon Teeny Torpedo I already had on my line, looking for some topwater action, 10-15 minutes, nothing.

Pitched out a Senko, 20-30 minutes, nothing.

Flipped out some Berkely Gulp 3" Minnow Grub for a while, zip.

Tied on a Rapala X-Rap, 15-20 minutes, nothing.

Went to my "Moneymaker", 3 1/2" Gitzit tube (white/black flakes), Zilch.

Just about to head home after about 2 hours of this crap. But instead I decide to give it one more shot.

I went to a generic brand 2-inch tube (light pink body, dark pink skirt) that I had lying around. I don't think I've used this thing for weeks.  Put a small 1/16 oz jighead on it and pitched it out there and twitched it along.

1st cast.. BANG. Smallie.

2nd cast.. BANG. Smallie.

Worked the banks of the river for about 6 or 7 Smallies in 20-30 minutes. For those who were reading my other thread I posted earlier, I wasn't missing the hooksets for once! Started to give the rod a little pop and the fish stayed on!!

When the fish aren't biting, just keep going through your tackle box. Something will hit. Anyone else with similar stories?

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Hey man good to hear that your hookin them suckers and keepin them hooked! Whatever gets you a fish. I like to do exactly what you did sometimes when i'm not getting bit. Downsize on over pressured fish. I don't know about your hole but I know all of mine are really pressured badly so a lot of times i'll downsize and land a couple fish at least!

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