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Tough Lake

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Hey all. I am going with a friend of mine tomorrow to fish a local small lake that is known to produce Big Large Mouth but its also well known as a tough bite. The lake is primarily covered in grass and lily pads. It isnt to terribley deep from what I understand mostly around 3-5 ft with a center of around 12ft. There is a current strip through the middle of the pnd where there is no grass or weeds but other than that its covered with grass and lilly pads.

I am mainly a smallmouth guy and so is my buddy so were kind of going at this a little blind but what I was thinking was dragging a top water frog through the lilly pads. Using something like a Zara Spook over top the weeds. Maybe drag a Texas rigged Pink worm along the edges of the weeds.

Does this sound like a plan?

Anything you would do different?

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Rat-L-Trap,horny toad,senko,and spinnerbait.Along with a spook and a t-rig worm(you might want to take more than one color),you will have something that will catch a fish.

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