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need help with a drastic change in my lake

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i just started bass fishing this summer in a part of a lake where its hot shallow and murky with lots of vegitation, but i dont know if its from the changing weather or not but the part of the lake where i fish now is cold clear water.  and i dont know how to fish clear cold water except use lighter colors and fish slower.

can someone give me some tips on techniques and lures i should use


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If the vegetation allows it,try a jerkbait in a silver/minnow/shad color.Another thing to try is a carolina rig making really long casts with a really small plastic bait in an earthy color.(Brown,green,sand)

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Guest avid

Hi Mak

I see your from Virginia so the water temp is probably in a zone where the bass are still pretty active.  I would look at the cooling and clearing of the water as a gift.  you can now get out the hardbaits and have fun.  Topwaters, cranks, jerkbaits, you name it.   This is time to throw the whole tackle box at em.

Depth and structure are the main considerations now, providing the water temp isn't too low.  If it dips into the 40's then the old jigNtrailer is the standard.

good luck and have fun

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