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My Bow to Stern Review.

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I was fortunate enough to be given a chance by Rob Faddis to review his product BTS.  Thank you.  My apology for taking 2 weeks to get this done since receiving your product, but my digital camera went on vacation without me.   >:(

That being said, this product is for real.  I recently sold my boat, so I had no chance to use it on the boat.  That was not a problem, since the directions say fishing equipment, I had some lures, an old tackle box, and my 120 qt. cooler/livewell that looked pretty bad.

Before Pictures:






I followed the instructions to the letter.  First washing everything and rinsing it off.  I then applied the BTS formula as instructed using the included sponge that Rob had sent.  I waited for the product to dry then buffed it again as directed.

To be honest, at first I was a skeptic, but after working with the product I am a believer.  The after pics, (in my opinion), do not show how well it actually works.  Looking at the items in person, is absolutely unbelievable how well it works.

After Pics:






On the cooler, if you look, yes I washed the whole top, but only used the BTS on the left side.  You can see a big difference.

Overall, I give BTS a huge 2 thumbs up.  I can only imagine how well it works on boat seats, dashboards, etc....(I would have used it on my car dash, but it had just been armor alled  :D )

Thanks again to Rob.  I would definitely use your product and buy it when I see it in the stores.  Very easy to use, directions were easy to follow, and it works.

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I also used the product.  While my original digital camera met its demise I have purchased a new one and will forward the pics this week. I could not wait and I used the BTS on the fishing seats.  The difference was like night and day. I still need to do the driver and passenger seats. I will forward the pics when I get a chance to get to my boat.  Great product!  I will be purchasing in the future.  Clever marketing, send free product that gives great results.  Not hard to figure that you should have many loyal future customers!

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