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Sponsorship and the economy

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Earlier in the year, I was informed of how The North Face will be restructuring their sponsorship program.  The new program is much more efficient concerning their marketing needs. ("Test" markets and such are nix'd for now)

I was wondering if the economy has seen sponsorship programs come under scrutiny or even get wiped out for any of you.  

I'd also like to point out that if you are truly good at moving product, this could work in reverse for you.  GO SELL YOURSELF if you have the "impression" numbers and so on to be an asset to some of these companies who are still willing to go the "sponsorship" route.

If you DO get cut, it may not be personal, remember, these are tough times.  Handle yourself with respect and that door may open again when things brighten up.  

A reminder that how you close a contract is just as important as how you open one.  You are an ambassador for the sport but more importantly, an ambassador for yourself.  Be the guy they remember for the right reasons

(This is a tricky topic, can go in 4 different sections from tournament talk to resumes so I'm leaving it here for now, in General)

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It hasn't affected me yet.  But yet is the key word.  I wouldn't be surprised if I lost some sponsors or atleast got some of my "allowance" reduced when the contracts get sent out next January.  I know for a fact that Tru-Tungsten/Picasso is doing some serious remodeling of their field/pro staff in 09' and I've heard that ALOT of people are going to be cut.

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The reduction in GDP and obvious signs of a nearing recession have had less effect on me than when the oil prices shot through the roof. When that happened I noticed contracts getting a little smaller or having more stipulations.

JT Bagwell

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