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I received the SPOT GPS satelllite system for my birthday this past May and never really used it, other than to carry it with me on the boat just to have in case of an emergency.

So today I decided to take the unit with me as I traveled to the car wash, gasoline station and grocery store and to press the "OK" key along the way to see what would happen.

I had set up the notification process to alert my wife and son as to where I was or if I had encountered a medical or other emergency while on the boat.

Son calls and says, So you got an electronic toy for Christmas from mom?"  And I reply, "Hey, it works."

He says, "Yes, I followed you from home, to the car wash and then back on your way home." All the places I pushed the "OK" key.

I checked out my wife's e-mail account and sure enough, the alerts were there with maps as to where I was when I pushed the "OK" key.

I sincerely suggest everyone who fishes alone get a SPOT.  It is not cheap, $150 for the unit and another $100 a year subscription. But it is well worth it in case you have an emergency or to note waypoints and secret places to fish on your home computer as you fish.

Just a suggestion and a fun toy to play with as you fish, are in the car, hiking or at the pond.  ;)

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sounds really cool. I use a navigational GPS everyday. It does a ton of things other that driving directions. I think these little devise are priceless, The more I use it the more I love it. I bought my mother one for Christmas this year and showed her how to use it, She said she didn't know that they were so handy and that its by far her favorite gift. Hungry, need gas, find a store, a park, a airport, calculator,(weight,temperature and currency converter) MP3 player transmitted to the car radio,put in coordinance for hot spots on the lake!  it's all there plus more.

Enjoy it!

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What type of unit did you get or have???

Thanks.   :D

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I got the Garmin Nuvi 350 refurbished from the factory for $140 delivered, I've had it at least a year, I drive for Coke and use it every day. If I loose or break it I will replace it that day. it's just that valuable for what I do.

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