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I was wondering if anybody had any advice on finding a job related to fishing. I live in Florida, and am getting a degree in Graphic Design.  I love fishing and the idea of designing lures, rods, or anything related to fishing.  The only places I can find around here are custom rod shops and they don't seem to be hiring.  Anyone else have any connections or tips?

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Do not limit yourself to one sector of the fishing industry.

Check out the I-Cast and the Bassmaster Classic vendors.

If possible, attend the Bassmaster Classic and speak with the guys working the booths for the various manufacturers.  You may even meet one or two vice presidents or company owners.

Go to your favorite tackle shop and write down the names of the manufacturers and then go on-line and contact each one.

Go you your favorite library and do some research on the fishing industry manufacturers, etc.  Your college research librarian will be glad to assist you.

Send out resumes to as many places as you can afford.  

Go on-line and get the names of the Human Resource or Vice Presidents at the companies of your choice and send your resumes and a nice cover letter. Companies are always looking for high quality people who are entering the industry.

If you have tattoos, earrings, look shabby and dress like a buffoon, don't bother searching for a good career. Go to McDonalds and apply.

Just a word to the wise.

Good luck.  :)

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I am sure half the people on this site would love a job in the

fishing biz if it would pay the bills !


I disagree with you Jim.

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