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Culvert Fishing

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I fish a couple culverts for largemouth and almost always I pull a 2-4 lb out of em. I have noticed though that they are just full of baitfish, primarily crappie. There is lots of structure around with an old bridge and a train bridge. I have always fished jigs and 7" worms and pull good numbers almost every time I fish them, with a 6lb last year. I had one break off after about a 10 minute fight I swear ran 8+ and I know there are pigs in this area.

Would it maybe a good idea to fish a 8-12" crappie swimbait through here? I've never really used big swibaits like this but I am trying to expand my horizons on catching that "ONE".

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I would try.... It will never hurt to broaden your horizons, I have several large swimbaits, they are quite expensive but they are overall worth the catch. If you don't want to go with this route try a 12" powerworm or a rage tail anaconda.


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There are some nice culverts South on Champlain...we usually hit them at least once a day, and usually get a nice bass on the first few casts.  Would put together a nice start to a tournament, just fishing the Culvert Pattern.  It's a blast knowing you're going to get bit once you throw in.


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