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Spawning bass

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;D ;Di have seen many big bass on the bed and will throw and throw on the bed to try and get them to bite but cant get a reaction any tips thanks

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What are you throwing and throwing? I would throw a tube and a lizard first and see what that does. If you are throwing those, then have you tried leaving it sit in the bed for a long period of time? Try from all angles and leave it sit in many different places. Sometimes a bass will not hit it unless it is in a certain area in the nest. Is the area highly pressured by other fisherman? Try to find beds that are in an area away from where shore fisherman can fish them, you could also try fishing the deepest beds you can find. Add scent if you dont already do, it could just be the extra edge your bait needs (((((Megastrike))))).

Good luck!!!


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ya, usually i hook on the old worm for the spawning fish......

cast over the bed...reel it slowly onto it, and let it sit right in the bed for a while....you may have to do it a few times, but eventually they get ticked off enough and move it out....at which point you show'em who's boss :)

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