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Storm Kickin Minnow, how and where to fish it.

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I just bought a storm kickin minnow in the pearl color, I am just starting to fish swimbaits and this one had good reviews on BPS and it was cheap so I went and got it. Im not sure where to fish this at though, and is it just cast and steady retrieve or do you add some action to it? Thanks.

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they're pretty good little baits, but i hope you bought a few, they tear up terribly easy.

i had (brief) success with just a steady, slow retrieve. i caught one bass quickly this way, and then a few casts later i hooked a big *** snapping turtle that completely destroyed the bait.

i've been meaning to pick some more up, but i think i might just stick with hardbaits.

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For $3 or less in my opinion they are an awesome lure.

I fished these early in the year when the water temps were in the 30-40 degree range.

The fish would swallow these baits.

I need to buy more since I lost the three I had.

I would suggest a continues retrieve.

Slow medium or fast now that depends on the whether, water temps and depth of the water you you are fishing.

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