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my jj's story

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Ok, it hasn't seemed to help me catch any fish. In fact, I haven't caught anything with it yet (but I haven't given it much of a chance either)


A week ago, I dipped a rage tail craw. Fished it for a few hours over the course of a couple days. I apparently put it in my pocket when the craw got worn down. TODAY, my dad brings me this craw and throws it in my room (it had gone through the washer!!!) and it STILL has enough scent to make my room reek.  ;)

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Now thats funny

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I used some Clear JJ's yesterday.  I was fishing a Senko style bait,We all know a properly made and designed stick bait will catch fish like crazy with no scent added. I do think JJ's gave me an edge though. If you look at the "my fishing trip " section,youll see one of the fish I caught on the bait soaked with JJ's.

Using the same style and color bait soaked in JJ's I caught this one and hooked into another a little bigger that spit the hook as it charged hard under my boat.The fish pictured isnt HUGE by any stretch but it was nice to catch something that size after catching 10 inch fish all day.


In my opinion,JJ's is more than "Just A Garlic Scent." If you watch the water when you first dip the bait in the water prior to casting,youll see some sort of Disbursing action coming off the bait,into the water. The fact that it permeates the bait and doesnt wash out,really has me sold on the product. I like the decent price and quick shipping too.

When purchasing,it seems that it would be better to get the 3 pack,as the shipping charges are the same for shipping 3 bottles as they are to ship 1 bottle. Regardless,Im a believer JJ's does work... Thats my story and im sticking to it!!

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