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Looking For A Rod To Compliment My Ss734C

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I'm looking to pick up a new rod to compliment my Savvy 734c (which I absolutely love). Use the rod to fish 3/8-5/8 jigs the majority of the time, but after indefinitely loaning a few rods to a friend it's also my only rod for hollow belly swimbaits, horny toads, 3/4oz+ spinnerbaits and larger senkos. My other rods that get the most use are a 7' M/mod-fast for small cranks/spinnerbaits <3/8oz and my 6'6 MH Veritas for spinnerbaits >3/8oz, large jerkbaits, topwater and all around general use.

Ideally, I would like a rod that is more suitable for lighter 3/8oz jigs and t-rigs than my 734, but still be able to perform some of its duties. For example, if I have a toad on the 734 I would like to be able to use my new rod to throw a swimjig, hollowbelly or 1/2oz jig. I guess I'm looking for a rod that has just slightly less power than my 734.

I've been so pleased with my 734 my first thought was, of course, to simply pick up a 733c :lol: I haven't completely eliminated it but half the fun for me is trying out new brands/models. To further complicate things a local store is closing down and has lots of rods marked down (unfortunately none of the Dobyns' I'm interested in). After looking through the store I've narrowed it down to a few:

1) Verdict 7' MH (~$95) - Compared to my Veritas the rod feels lighter (or better balanced) with a more comfortable grip. My main concern is the Veritas has NO tip whatsoever, and although the Verdict feels like it has more tip action in store it's hard to say. The extendable handle seems to be a bit of a gimmick but feels sturdy at least.

2) LTB Teaser 7' M/F (~$140) - Although it's rated a medium the rod feels stout enough to handle what I'm looking for with light jigs/t-rigs. Is it powerful enough to throw a 6" senko, 1/2oz jig, hollowbelly, etc though? Seems like it would be great for the lighter work but not enough rod for the other techniques I need. The rod also feels tip-heavy when compared to others but I think I could live with it.

3) Cumara (~$140) - Honestly I'm at a loss as to what power, action and length I should even be looking at here. I handled a few in store (not enough room to put all the models on display) and noticed a significant difference between the fast and xfast models. Any suggestions on what models I should check out?

That turned into a long post quick :lol:. Right now I'm leaning towards the Verdict (or even another Veritas for ~$75) simply because I'm already close to blowing my tackle budget for the year. :unsure: With memorial day sales on the way I could also pickup another Savvy in the ~$130 range so that's definitely an option. Just wanted to hear some opinions on what BR members would do :D

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