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Nope. Haven't tried them. That is way too much money for me to put down on a softbait

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I don't know. With largemouth in my beliefs, action is waaay more important then scent. Put it to ya like this, I rather have a bait with no scent at all and plenty of action, then a bait with little action and packed with scent. The baits that rely on scent over action like Gulp and such just don't seem to be big producers for me when it comes to bass.... fluke are another story..

All in all, if they are indeed expensive, I'd stick with the known producers that don't have the "extreme scent" gimmick going on... like ragetail, paca, zoom, yum, gycb, berkley and such. All those heavily scent relying baits are never much of a fish catcher for my freshwater bassin :-/. You ever been out fished by a guy using a purple creme worm? That thing has no scent at all, and some guy schooled me with it one day. I have yet to be schooled by a overly scented bait, I just don't think bass are as dependent on scent as other fish, they tend to go more by sight and action then anything else from my point of view.

The way I see it (just my opinion of course). The scent doesn't take place until the fish bites the bait. I believe the scent may make the fish hold the bait a little longer, but the action is what gets the fish to bite in the first place. Of course, this is just with largemouth bass. Fish like fluke seem to key in on scent, and this is what leads them to bite.

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I heard that they fall apart easily and stink even worse than Gulp.  But I haven't tried them out myself.

It's funny, they claim to make them to be environmentally friendly because they biodegrade, but then they give each one it's individual plastic blister pack which equals more trash in the long run, rather than less...

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These baits are incredible.The high tech futuristic space age design look really drives fish crazy!

You can throw presentation,speed,and depth out the window. These are issues of the past! Just throw the bait out in the water and let it sit and the fish will jump all over it like flies on poo.They cannot resist the scent.The pheremones will actually make them slurp the bait and then hump it like a dog in heat.It WILL out fish live bait 10-1! I have fished these baits side by side with my partners on many occasions and I caught 5 fish to every one of there 1 fish using these fantastic lures.

I highly recommend that each and every one of you go take a loan out and buy every last pack of them that you can get a hold of as these will soon be banned from tournaments. The low low price of 6.99 for a 4 pack is such a small price to pay. You will be the *** of all your friends and tourney opponents.They will be amazed at your shear talent all the while not knowing your "little secret". ;D

No I am not a paid sponsor I just figured I'd let all of you know one of my little secrets.I am holding nothing back.I want you all to enjoy my incredible succes with this "magic" bait.


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