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Usc's Vacated Bcs Championship


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  1. 1. What should happen with the 2004 BCS National Championship?

    • Leave it as is with no 2004 BCS champ.
    • Give it back to USC.
    • Give it to Oklahoma.
    • Give it to Auburn.
    • Give it to Utah.
    • Other (please explain).

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What are your thoughts on this?

Coach Stoops has said that Oklahoma doesn't want it. As a Sooners fan, I have to agree. USC beat the crap out of OU, and it would ridiculous for OU to claim the title. I really can't see Auburn or Utah accepting a trophy for a game they didn't play in. They both went undefeated in 2004, but were left out of the BCS championship game mainly due to weak strengths of schedule.

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I say just take it away from them and be done with it.

The only reason a National Championship means so much is because of the moment it is won in. I'm mean if anyone has ever seen there team become the best in the sport its all about that last game and the joy that follows that makes it special. Thats why people remember it because that feeling of joy makes it worth remembering.

Almost every year there is a new champion so really its all about that winning moment that makes it special.

So should the Okies get it. No because they have nothing to remember it by its like

"Hey remember that time we got killed in the national title game that we won" :blink:

Giving it to Auburn and Utah and its the same thing. "Yeah we won the National Championship which we didn't play in and nobody remembers....lets go hang a banner"

The only people who got joy from that title was USC and its fans so the get to have those nice memory's,banners, and trophy's taken away. That is fair and square and justice will be served.

If they do give it to the Okies then I want a Heisman for Vince Young.

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