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Best Use For My Loomis 844C Gl3

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I recently purchased a used g-loomis 844c gl3 from a guy here locally. It is 7' heavy power with a fast action. I originally bought it to be my frog rod but am considering trying to find another use for it. Before I bought it I was using a 6'9" veritas with medium heavy power and an extra fast action. I was completely satisfied with the veritas but the loomis rod was only $75 so I figured it was a good deal on a more premium rod so I couldn't pass it up. I do a ton of frog fishing and have taken the loomis out a few times and with both rods paired with patriarch reels the loomis rod feels significantly heavier and more of a chore to cast. So my main question is there a possible better use for the loomis? Maybe for flipping heavier soft plastics and jigs? Or anything else you guys would recomend? Also a secondary question I've got a lews reel that is quite a bit lighter than the patriarch that I could use on the loomis that might help for casting a frog. Also I may just be a pansy and need to use the loomis for casting a frog until I get used to it. Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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Also forgot to mention that he has the same loomis rod in the 6'9" length and if that would be better suited for frogs I can buy it for the same price of $75 or just trade him the 7 footer for it. They are both in like new condition so I figure at worst I sell one of them and make my money back for one of them. Thanks guys!

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844c makes an excellent jig rod in the imx,glx,854nrx I imagine the gl3 would also.

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