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Nail Weight Uses

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This subject will cover a broad spectrum,and I apologize about that but I just gotta know:

Whats a sure fire,killer way to employ nail weights in soft plastics?

I got a pack of them in an assorted lot of tackle I bought online.

I know the skies the limit,and the limit is the sky with these weights,so Id like to get some info from those that have used nail weights with success.

What bait does everyone like to use the weights in,and how does it help with the action,rate of fall ect?

Just need some ideas that are known to produce,so im not just out there throwing will-nilly and potentially wasting these weights,as they cant be found anywhere locally.

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i use two nail weights for my swimbait. i stick on into the swimbait on each side right across from the hook. this way i dont have to get weighted swimbait hooks. plus it makes the bait fall a bit more naturally

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THE Weber Rig!!!

Slip an O-ring around a craw about ~1/3 up from the tail.

Slide a nail weight in the tail.

Use a wacky hook or flick shack jig head under the O-ring.

The weight in the tail causes it to hang a bit, so when you move it through the water is sort of folds under just like a real crawfish's tail does, when you stop is sort of swings back out. Slow hops seem to work best. I've used it with Vaquero Craws, Hag's Undertakers, Rage Craws of all sizes, Yamamoto Craws and Zoom Speed Craws with it, the Hag's worked best (soft and hollow so it moved a bit more).

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I fish with Lake Fork Tackle Ring Fries a lot, but will work with any "french frie" type bait - rig 'em weightless and them stick a nail weight in the "butt" of the lure. It causes them to back up when you twitch 'em and will draw strikes like you can't believe.

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