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Fathers Day Trip

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On fathers day morning my son picked me up and took me fishing. Do to my health not being so great now and not really wanting to go i went anyway. My tackleboxes are all cleaned and all my lures are sorted out all the time anyway. I have a split barn roof tacklebox filled with every topwater lure you can think of in different colors and sizes too. My crankbait tackle box is filled the sameway and its also a large split roof barn looking box too. Slowly i been filling the largest of tackle boxes with a certain style of lures. Each catagory of lure has its own tackle box. This way i can carry an assortment of sizes and color of each style of lure. Ok i hit the shoreline and started with my BPS topnocker in color #25 Chartruese/green. After a few casts with my lure scented i had two misses in one spot and i paused and it struck the third time with a hookup. I want to call it a 3lb bass but i'll leave it at a 2 1/2lb bass. Evertime I try a new lure and have success with it i also purchase many more and give them to my sons to use also. I have one son who can watch me once present a new lure and he can do it right away. My other son i have to like coach him while he is using it. But he is catching on. The first time with a topnocker he hooked up a 5ln LMB just a pause, pop, pop, pop, pause again then repeat. I notice when i do the pop, pop, pop, if i do the timing perfect with the 3 pops i catch fish if they are there. I teach them its all about a perfect presentation and it has to be exact everytime. I gave my son a Norman thin "N" in blue gill. I showed him were to cast since i know the place pretty well and were the fish are hiding. To the right there are humps and weedlines between the humps up against the shoreline. If we cast parallel to the shoreline we can bring the lure across the humps and weedlines. The kid made a perfect cast and came up with a 2lb bass. He is getting more and more away from livebait and making me proud he is having more and more success using lures. Now i got the bug to go fishing now and it took one trip with my son. just happy to be out fishing again... Godbless; Bigbill

BTW; In the past i have been made fun of for carrying 5 to 6 different rod setups too while fishing from shore. Too bad that most of the guys i fish with have no clue as to what rod action and how the line test affects the presentation of each different lure. Right on the lure box it tells us the required line test to use for the best performance of the lure. The companies/manufacturers are telling us how to have success using there lures. I carry one rod set with 6lb test for the smaller lures and 1/8oz spinnerbaits, my topwater setup is 12lb or 14lb test, my medium size crankbaits are 8lb or 10lb test, my carolina rig is a 17lb test with a fluor 12lb leader. Then its a matter if we use a sinking line or a floating line too. My point is everything we use and do affects the lures action and presentation.

This year instead of hammering the bass fishing everyday from the spring till i get burned out by usually July/august and i'm so burned out i'm done for the year fishing 24/7 at 3:30am everyday. This year i'm going to fish later from July into the fall.

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And a Happy Fathers Day it was! Great son for sure and WTG on a terrific day of fishing.

Big O


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