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Moonrise/sunrise 7/30

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I'm fishing in a local AM bass tourny on Saturday July, 30th. I don't usually pay attention to solunar activity, but I just notice that Sunrise and Moonrise, on that day, will occur within about 20 minutes of eachother. Does anyone have any info on how this will effect the bass activity on that day?

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I focus more on sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset than I do the solunar tables. I've been tracking sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moonset for over 20 years and believe that generally fish are more active during a period beginning 45 minutes before to 45 minutes after each occurence (1.5 hours total). I always want to know this information for the day I'm fishing.

When you have two of these events occurring at basically the same time (example - sunrise/moonrise), I've had even better results - as long as weather conditions don't change things up.

If you have any practice time before the tournament, try to be on the water before day light and see if you can establish something for a very early bite.

To get complete sun and moon data for one day, follow this link and fill in the blanks. I always check this site before I fish. Good luck.

Complete Sun Moon Data for One Day

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