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Any Tips For My Lake

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I have some lakes in my neighborhood that i have been fishing on and off for a couple of years. The only thing is it seems like we catch less and less each year. I know it is not overfished because its not really a lake people know about other than the people that live in the neighborhood. We used to go out in the mornings and catch atleast 30 catfish, mud and channel cats, we also had luck catching plenty of bass. One lake was already here before these houses or other lake was even here, guessing natural lake.. other is manmade, been here for about 11 years now.

Last year i went out and didnt catch much, thinking there was nothing in there after they did construction on the banks because it kept collapsing. I did end up catching my biggest bass i have ever caught though in the summer. A 6 pound largemouth and then a 5 pound a couple days later, very healthy looking bass. This year We got lots of flooding in memphis because of the river which made the smaller rivers flood into our lake. We have not caught many bass this year, also beavers and otters have been swimming around. Saw a dead gar on the bank and some neighbor said he has caught some muskie and other random fsh.

The lake is about 6 to 10 feet deep in some spots but about 15 to 20 in the middle. Not much cover in the lake for fish to hide out in, mostly just mud and dead grass is all we pull up with our lures. Lake is mainly murky with about a foot of visibility. A tunnel that goes under the street combines the two lakes. Ive tried so many things this year but nothing is working.

MAIN Question: So what lures should i try on this lake, and how do I find out if there is really anything even left in the lake in the first place and not really just fishing for tree bass. Its summer and it gets pretty hott here around mid to high 90s.

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