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Which Reel For A Falcon Elite Light Rod?

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Bought the rod last year. Three reasons for not using it yet, tho I did try once. 1) Lack of casting skill, 2) spool tension set too tight, and 3) no appropriate reel for it. Well, my Alphas ito might work okay on it, but last year this reel was giving me fits with any lure weight less than 3/8 oz. Fast spool speed, over tight spool tension, and lack of skill the most likely culprits. Been using the Alphas a majority of the time this year. I now feel that I may have sufficient casting skill to try using this rod again.

However, the Alphas ito is out as a candidate for this rod. A Daiwa fanatic told me the 6'6" Zillion Medium Extra Fast and Alphas ito would make an ideal combination for me. Picked the Zillion up recently and will be keeping them as a combo. Just received a Daiwa Sol and Shimano Curado 51E. These are my two candidates. Plan on spooling the reel with 6lb. mono. (Yeah, know I'm old fashion!)

I realize the Pixy or similar reel should be my choice. Also realize I could have bought one for what I spent on the 3 reels I bought last week. But then I wouldn't have the Sol, 51E or Chronarch 100B. :( I have a hard time spending that kind of money on just one reel although I'm sure I will eventually reach that point. :D

Anyway, I'd like to hear from those with experience using these two reels. Particularly if you've used both. Especially if you've tried casting 1/4 oz and less lures with one or both. Which do you feel is best suited for this rod? Also, is my line weight selection okay, or would you suggest something else?


EDIT: Okay. Found this on another forum in a thread about casting 3/32 and 1/16 oz lures. "When my sol had a pixy spool in it, it actually outperformed the pixy w/ the same spool in distance, under certain circumstances and w/ certain baits." I don't know yet what the price of a Pixy spool is, but I'm pretty sure adding it to the price I paid for my Sol would still leave me way below the price of a Pixy or equivalent reel. I know Daiwa wants $95 + $12 shipping for a Type R spool for my TD-Z 103HL Type R reel. I know this because a "friend" stole mine, so I've already checked on the price of a new spool for it.

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