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Can It Be??

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Idk if anyone has fished on a body of water in the past 10 or 15 years but, we have had to deal with many different envasive creatures such as snakeheads and the poster child of envasive fish: the asian carp.

Well, about a week ago when I went fishing on Tunica Cutoff(which is an oxbow off the Mississippi river and the River can get into when the water is high)I noticed hundreds of dead fish. These were not bass, crappie, gar, or even drum. These were all asian carp!!!

This sunday in the outdoors section of the newspaper I saw an article talking about the lake. It said that there was a major fish kill and that the only fish effected was the asian carp. It also said that they are going to do further researh and find out if they have finally found a way to get rid of this slimy waste of fish.

There maybe finally end to something that has destroyed hundreds of fisheries.

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Interesting keep us posted on any new updates that would be a great thing to come to those invasive fish. More should be done to prevent things like that from happening again.

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I actually just read an article, I believe in the recent In fisherman, that mentioned a grass roots effort to commercially fish the Asian carp and donate meat to relief efforts sucha as that in Haiti and Japan. The article read that they are canning the meat and adding a tomato based sauce. It stated that it had the consistency of a white tuna.

If this is correct there could be thousands of people fed. What a phenominal way to turn a negative into a positive.

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