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Bam Wow Goes Bam Tap: Thursday At Pyramid With Damiki

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“After making my way to So Cal to pick up the Fall issue of Bass Angler Magazine, I hooked up with the Damiki Fishing Tackle for a Thursday on the water at Pyramid Lake”, stated BAM Editor-in-Chief Mark Lassagne.

The anglers fished from about 6:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., while the water on the reservoir ranged from 72 to 76-degrees and the air temp began at 57-degrees, rising to 85.

Lassagne seemed to outfish the guys from Damiki, Daniel, Rodney and Ray, reeling in nine of his own to the four combined keepers of the three others in the boat. He offered this report;

Pyramid is a high desert, rocky lake. There was a big algae bloom, making the water a dingy, green color. It looked like there was a layer of felt across the top of the lake. It was thick; but not nearly as thick as it can get on Clear Lake. About half of the shoreline had thick weed patches on it, making it appear Delta-like, in place.

The boat was loaded with Damiki rods and baits. I got the first one on a Real Shad D-Pop. It was about 3-lbs. I fished that until about 9:30 a.m. and got two in the boat. I even got a small 15 to 16-inch striper on it.

I also threw a custom-painted, crank. It was a DC-100, a shallow water diver. It was done in a pattern similar to Sexy Shad by Pizz Customs. Focusing on the west shore, I fished that behind the weeds. I pulled a 3-lb largemouth out from a 2 to 3-ft slot near the shore. I made two more casts and got a 2-lb smallmouth. With the striper, LM and smallie in the boat, I hit the trifecta of species on Pyramid.

Moving to the east side, we only found a few little ones and returned to the West side. I got four or five more working the slots in the weed lines. The biggest went about 3 1/2 –lbs.

Daniel’s Dolphin got a few blow-ups.

Rodney reeled in a couple of small ones on a drop shot and also on a Texas-rigged, Original Green Pumpkin Air Craw.

Ray also got a couple of 2-lb smallies on a Mamba Jig with a brown worm trailer.

Overall, it was a decent limit, about 14-lbs, which isn’t bad, considering the lake average is about 10 to 11-lbs. It was definitely a good day of fishing thanks to the Damiki crew.

If your company would like to host a day on the water with BAM, contact Mark Lassagne.

For more information on the bass angling magazine, written for and by bass anglers, visit the BAM website.




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