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Abu Garcia Veritas

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Ok I have one Abu Garcia Veritas, it's a 7ft H-XF and I absolutely love it!

My plan is to get all Veritas/Premier combos and I'm getting one for my birthday and I asked for the 7ft Med- MedFast for crankbaits (because I really need a Crankbait combo) but No. 1 it's not in stock and No. 2 I heard it's a little bit stiff. So I decided to wait until the new Winch Series Cranking rods came into stock for that.

So, all in all, l I need another Veritas in an all around action... So what would you guys suggest?



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Tackle Warehouse has the Winch in stock and lists it as medium with a moderate tip so it would probably be a nice mid-priced cranking rod, but I've never held one and can't give you any specifics. As far as an all around rod, since you already have the 7'H XF, you'd probably get a lot of use out of either the 7'MM-F or 7'MHF. They're really nice rods for ~$100.

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Well I also can't get the 7' M-MF right now so I was looking at the 7' MH-F

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