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Wow Lucky Craft Lures

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I was at a local Gander Mnt store and I found a Lot of LC on sale for 9.97 and 50% off that so less then 4.50 a pop I bought 20 100SP Pointers in American Shad 10 100SP in Aurora black 5 78SP in American shad 5 78SP in Aurora black.

10 G-splash in American shad, 3 in Aurora black

13 Fat mini SR's all in A/S

9 LV 300S

and 20 packs of Berkley Havoc devil spears and spent a total of 380.70 I bought all the LC they had I will resell enough to get my money back and keep the rest. I got a total of 75 LC lures

the Havoc stuff was 1.00 each.

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I'd be willing to buy several of them off of you when your willing to sale?

Message me when you decide to.

Not sure how many I want to sell right now but I will surely let you know if/when I do thanks and have a great day.

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Great deal! I wish my local Dic k's would have clearances like that once in a while lol.

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I also got Dicks real good to, spools of 300YD Fireline braid was 19.97 and 75% off that I bought them out I got 8 spools of 30#, 8 of 50# and 8 of 65 I had a coupon I got from a girl scouts coupon book I bought for 20% off at dicks on orders over 100 bucks so I got them for a total of 104.58

I also got 6 spools of 300YD 40# Sonic braid for 3.83 a box because it was 75% off the discount price.

I killed them on Strike king spinner baits, buzz baits, King shads and a LOT more, I spent a total of about 200.00 and I would be willing to bet I got 600 worth of lures for 200 bucks and thats not including the line. I was buying Rage tail stuff for like 60 cents a pack and R/I Flirts, Sweet beavers and more for less then a buck a pack...

The deals that are going on now are crazy... I bought three Sustain 2500's for 92 bucks each about 3 weeks ago and I dont fish ANYTHING but Daiwa reels needless to say they went to Ebay and I more then doubled my money on them... I missed the Citicas and curados or I would have bought all they had to resell... I did get5 Carrot stixs at 99.97 and 75% off that I also sold and made pretty good on.

Check the dicks in your area the sales are still going on but well picked through... I dont know if its all stores but its at both in my area.. 75% off all tackle thats on sale... the 75% on rods is over now its only 25%.

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